The most important factor for success in international universities is the preparation of new students to adapt to the University learning environment and help them acquire the basic skills necessary for University education through a condensed, preparatory program to enhance the provision of qualified University graduates to the labor market.

The Preparatory Year Program (PYP) offers a bridge between the students’ high school education and the degree-level course. The aim of the program is to improve the English language skills to the level required of students moving into the university system in freshman courses conducted in English, as well as existing academics looking to improve their level of English, comprehension and spoken ability.


All newly admitted students are required to complete the PYP as part of its college degree curriculum before starting undergraduate study. The programme aims at preparing the students for academic studies and minimizing the knowledge gap among graduates of high school education and the performance expected of a university student, by enabling them to acquire the required basic skills for university studies. The programme enhances students’ skills in English, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Health Education, and Self Development before they embark on degree courses. Most courses are taught in English.

The students enrolling in the PYP lack basic English language skills. Thus, they have a very low level of English proficiency. Ninety percent of the students come from governmental high schools, this means that they were only introduced to the English language in junior high. Moreover, the focus in their learning was often on grammar.

Programme Format

The duration of the PYP extends over two semesters for a full academic year and the English programme is the major component of the PYP courses. This intensive English programme enables students to easily progress in their academic courses that will be taught in English. Students will be grouped according to their English proficiency level, as determined by the placement test, so that they can move through the programme at the same pace. In addition to 20 hours of English per week, students take 4 hours of mathematics or 4 hours of computer skills and 2 hours of physical education or 2 hours of study skills. These courses are instructed in English and will teach students to cope with English‐medium studies at the university level.

Coming from a variety of government schools where focus on English has been at various levels, many of the students in the PYP programme are at the lower end of the spectrum in their English language capabilities. Learning a new language is a challenge for any individual and for these Arabic students it is no exception. Teachers require tenacity and resourcefulness to handle the challenges of teaching low level students whose motivation to learn can fluctuate.

PYP program is accomplished through the strategic placement of certified Native English speaking teachers.Educators will join a multinational staff at a university where they will aid in the development of curriculum and student mentorship, and otherwise seek to improve the English language skills of students and scholars. EFL instructors will also provide additional support and guidance to students outside of classroom teaching hours.