We are committed to providing the best possible learning experience for all our students and teacher trainees in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment, where they are motivated to achieve their learning goals to the best of their ability.

We further endeavour to employ qualified, experienced, competent and caring staff and provide them with varied opportunities for professional development.

We strive to deliver a service of excellence supported by a tradition of integrity and honesty to all our clients and customers.



We are passionate about developing people and helping them to solve increasingly complex English and intercultural challenges in the workplace. We will continue to work with the best people and latest methodologies to ensure that we design and deliver high quality training courses that match our clients’ requirements.



We want our students to have an outstanding learning experience that enriches their lives and contributes to their success in the future. Our expertise in English Language teaching and belief that every student matters is what makes us different.

  • We aim to offer the highest standards, always ready to change and eager to improve
  • We aim to meet and exceed student and client expectations and encourage high quality English Language learning
  • we aim to provide quality courses and employ staff which meet the needs of students and enable students to achieve their individual learning goals
  • we aim to provide safe, comfortable and conducive learning environment for staff and students
  • Good communication is at the heart of everything we do
  • We value our staff, our partners, our clients and the wider community and treat everyone equally and with respect
  • we encourage tolerance, respect and harmony
  • We are a team; we enjoy working and learning together
  • We are ethical, honest and fair

Our philosophy

We would like you to see us as your partner rather than a service provider. We believe in building strong relationships with everyone we work with: our clients, trainers, strategic partners and other suppliers. We prefer to work in close partnership with our clients and spend time understanding how you operate to adapt to organisational requirements and internal training processes.

Our flexible formats can fit in with the constraints of your workplace and busy schedule. We make sure that every minute you spend with us counts. Our courses are relevant, demanding and fast-pacedfor your unique training requirements.

We work in consultation with our clients so that training is customised to meet the needs of the individuals and the organisation. We make sure that we have carried out our own research on your organisation and then dive deeper through questionnaires, interviews and analysis.

Success for us does not simply mean positive feedback scores. We believe that our courses have not been truly successful unless you see an improvement in workplace performance. We can work closely with you to understand what success looks like for you and to monitor and evaluate progress.

Our philosophy is that for every hour that the student spends in class, they should be able to identify clear learning outcomes. Our teaching team is responsible for providing this focused learning environment. However, clear class focuses don’t mean dull classes! At ARG, we want to bring the language and learning alive. We want to motivate, inspire, enthuse, and empower students to achieve rapid progress in the English language. We discourage the use of dry photocopies and dull texts. We prefer our classes to be hands-on, communicative and interactive.

You’ll be taught in classes of six to fifteen students, ensuring that you receive personal attention from the teacher while being able to interact and practise with a variety of other learners in class. 

We work closely with you to understand your background and requirements. We understand that everyone learns differently but we aim to engage participants in reflection, discussion and feedback – with their trainer and with each other.

We tailor our courses to meet the needs of the students in each class, taking into account interests, strengths and weaknesses, as well as short and long term goals.

Cultures are in flux and we make it our business to stay up-to-date and informed. We acknowledge that country norms can be a useful learning tool but aim to go beyond these frameworks to help participants to navigate the complexities of international working.

Time spent training with us is only a small part of the learning journey. We ask participants to prepare for their course and give them access to online learning resources before and after training. We help participants continue to expand their knowledge and practise their new skills.

We conduct our business to the highest possible standards of ethical and professional behaviour in an atmosphere of respect. We will interact with you in a fair and open manner irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, language and disability.

Our Trainers

We are a training organisation and as part of that our Trainers are continually developing, ensuring their skills and knowledge are up to date. We work in close partnership with our trusted team of expert trainers and identify the best trainer for your requirements and only work with those who combine first-hand experience of living and working internationally with solid business acumen and excellent facilitation skills.

All our trainers are carefully selected for their qualifications, expertiseand experience and, are native English speaking graduates with a TEFL qualification(s).  More than half are Masters qualified and have at least 6 years of teaching experience.  Our teachers attend regular teacher development sessions to ensure that they are familiar with current practice in language teaching.

  • Focus on what you personally need in order to reach your goals
  • Provide a consistently engaging and challenging learning environment
  • Give you the strategies to communicate with confidence in and outside the classroom

The trainer standards outlines our approach. It shows how we ensure that our courses give our clients an effective and rewarding experience.

Quality Assurance

At ARG we are careful to choose career teachers who are passionate about the ESL classroom and ensuring our students receive the best possible education. Our teacher induction process means that new teachers are supported through their initial months and are correctly trained in how we like our classes to be delivered. Our quality assurance system consists of a systematic evaluation procedure, a constant focus on further improving our organisation and increasing the quality of our training programmes. The aim is to make every student and employee of institution known for its excellent reputation in providing good quality language and academic study skills training courses. This makes the institution the most obvious and first class partner for all organisational units within the region.

Our evaluation procedure consists of below mentioned elements and not limited to:


Our quality standards mean courses designed to meet your needs and situation, taught by professional, well prepared trainers. You can expect well-equippedcenters which provide a safe environment conducive to learning for business people.

  • Evaluating standard training courses
  • Evaluating tailor-made training courses (both individual and group courses)
  • Questionnaires for students who dropped out or did not show up
  • Panel discussions with target audiences
  • Client satisfaction questionnaire 


Our quality standards mean that you can expect a professional service from us, rapid response, and effective solutions to your training needs, comprehensive and prompt reporting. Our global policies and a robust inspection programme ensure that the same standards apply in all centers. This provides reliability for our clients and ensures consistently good results.

  • Evaluation forms and meetings with clients
  • Client satisfaction questionnaire 


  • Course evaluations completed by teachers 


We are proud of the first-class calibre of our teaching team.Our quality standards mean you work as part of a professional team in an open, fair, safe and healthy working environment. Our policies mean that you have access to regular training and personal development.

  • A list of competencies for trainers and teachers (recruitment)
  • Having annual meetings with each teacher individually
  • Regular teaching observations and feedback sessions
  • Dedicated language teams
  • Giving feedback to colleagues
  • Innovation and development (training programmes; teaching methods; ICT)

Management Team

Our team is made up of many people: teachers, administrators, managers, housekeeping staff and others, all of whom do their very best to make sure that every young student and adult learner who comes to institute has the best course possible. Our well- qualified, highly experiences, professional team have many years’ experience working with students both in the region and overseas and have encountered all the odd things that happen when you bring together a lot of people in one place. There’s nothing that can faze us!

We have the cultural awareness and expertise to ensure each and every student receives the full support and care to reach their personal and academic goals. Our friendly and helpful staff are always available to help you or your child with any questions or requests. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team members directly. Here are some of the people who make sure good things happen at ARG.

English Levels

Official Levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) 

The CEFR is an internationally recognised framework that describe 6 levels of language ability from A1 for beginners up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. The CEFR is used by organisations all over the world as a reliable benchmark of language ability.

The diagram shows range of English exams on CEFR.


English Scale


The Cambridge English Scale is a range of scores used for reporting the results of Cambridge English exams. It is built on existing results reporting and years of research, and is designed to complement the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The Cambridge English Scale allows for more straightforward results reporting across exams and better meets the needs of exam users, including candidates, teachers, universities and immigration departments. 


There may be times when it is useful to know how a CEFR level, IELTS band score or old standardised score compares to a Cambridge English Scale score.

Cambridge English score converter tool can help you. Simply select what type of score you’d like to convert from, input the value and the tool will tell you what the equivalent Cambridge English Scale score is. You can also use the tool to convert from scores on the Cambridge English Scale back to CEFR Levels, IELTS band scores or old standardised scores.